The Cost Expense for Studying in China


The cost of living in China is surprisingly low when compared to other countries internationally. China has a vast array of cost-effective accommodations for the world traveller.

Food cost is also much cheaper than in other countries in comparison.

With over two thousand Universities, and over seven million Chinese students graduating from Universities each year, China has the largest network of Universities in the world. Four hundred thousand international students studied in China in 2017; making China the third-largest study abroad destination in the world trialling only the United States and the UK.

What currency is used in China?

In China, the legal tender is CNY or the Chinese Yuan.


Student Costs 

Be sure to bring enough cash with you when you first arrive to cover any move in costs, or new student activities such as: rent, health checks, or sim cards.

You can use your debit or credit cards to withdraw Chinese money from ATMs, and family or friends can send you money through bank or wire transfers.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for undergraduate courses are around ninety thousand Yuan per year. These include library membership, IT services, and book examinations. Part time students pay on a per semester basis at the fee level upon entry.


Text books: are usually a one time fee of around two thousand Yuan annually.

What will it cost to live in China?

You’ll need about twenty five hundred to thirty hundred Yuan per month to cover your basic living expenses; r this will vary depending on your lifestyle and dwelling commodities. There are many on campus eateries that can fit a student budget easily. It’s possible to eat well while only spending around eight hundred Yuan on food monthly.


Accommodation costs: expect an average of about thirty five hundred Yuan, depending on the type of place rented and the region of the dwelling.

Annual cost

The estimated total annual costs, excluding any scholarship awards but including tuition fees, is approximately one hundred twenty thousand to one hundred thirty five Yuan.

Note: China is a much cheaper place to live than Western Europe or North America. For example a bottle of water costs two Yuan. Riding the subway costs only three Yuan.


There are also a number of available scholarships in China. Students are required have sponsorship by a university or another established institution in order to receive a scholarship. The institution can be the Chinese embassy in your country or university. The scholarships are only open to students who are applying starting in September, not in February.


A higher education can be expensive if attending a university. China in hopes to excel in numbers of exchange students has definitely made living expenses as a student easier. Schooling in the east has been a popular choice for students furthering their education in the United States and the United Kingdom. The top ten universities in China offer many incentives for students planning to study abroad in China. It’s important to do adequate research of universities and their student programs and living expenses before choosing a school.