Studying in China

China’s trying to play a bigger role in the educational world stage as it becomes more developed academically. As of 2017, almost five hundred thousand students chose to study in China. China has maintained its position as Asia’s most popular study destination according to Beijing’s Ministry of Education.

China’s increasing popularity is due to several factors, including competitively priced programs, and a significant push from the Chinese government looking to improve the standing of its universities. International students all over the world are becoming interested in studying in China. China is a beautiful and fast-growing country with a wide variety of cities and cultures, beautiful architecture and an intriguing way of life.

daytrading as a studentWhy study in China?

chinaWhy study in China? For one, China has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, which is in need of qualified professionals with degrees. There are a lot of universities in China that has a very good reputation.  China has invested a lot of money into its education system and has succeeded in turning its universities into world-class institutions.  They provide a lot of scholarships.

Chinese universities are popular for their excellence in science, technology engineering, and math.  Chinese schools are ranking especially high in the global rankings in regards to science and math. China is home to a large number of very good universities and colleges. You can find a good school in almost any province.

Most foreign students chose to study at a university in Beijing and Shanghai. Chengdu is also a popular option.  There are other good universities but it is usually easier to adapt to life in one of the largest cities then it is to adapt to life in a more rural part of China.  The large universities are more well known and make it easier to get a job. It can, however, be more expensive to live in a large city.

Universities in China offer several different types of degree programs including engineering, business, and medicine. Many students decide to further their education and apply for graduate-level schools like masters programs and PhDs. International students will be happy to know that postgraduate education is the fastest growing educational group in China. Perhaps one of the most admired Chinese universities is Tianjin University, as it has a great reputation for enrolling international students from all over the world.

Universities in China offer courses on almost everything. Even things that it can be impossible to find a university course about in the west.  Unusual topics that you can study at a university in China include cryptocurrency mining, digital options trading, professional computer gaming (DOTA, League of legends, Rocket leagues, etc) and a number of other topics.   These classes will not teach you anything about digital options trading or crypto mining that you can not learn online.  But they can allow you to focus on these things in a way that might otherwise be hard to do.

A Glimpse into Student Life in China


The big cities in China offer some of the best hobbies and activities around. Beijing and Shanghai offer shopping, entertainment, and food that are world-class. These areas also offer you a lot of different things to do.  You can do almost anything in Beijing.  Chinese cuisine is very good and is appreciated by most westerners. If you do not like Chinese food then you will find a lot of international options as well.  Most Chinese universities have teams or clubs devoted to soccer, badminton, table tennis, martial arts, and basketball. All very popular sports in China. The Chinese people love the bet money on sports events and everything else they can gamble on. Casino gambling is very popular.

Students who study abroad indicated that they chose to do so because it provided them with the opportunity to do advanced research in their particular field of study. There has even been a surge in student enrollment from students living in the United Kingdom. Studying in China is usually cheaper for British students than a choice of education in the United States. China has prepared many scholarship programs and bonus incentives for students to be enticed to study abroad.