Studying Mandarin Chinese


China is a country with over five thousand years of history. The great historical culture of China produces an excellent place abroad to study Mandarin Chinese. As China opens up to the outside world, more and more private schools are offering Mandarin lessons mostly in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. A private school can often be a better option than a university.  The private schools are less stressful and have more international students for you to socialize with.  Choosing a Chinese university can be more immersive.


Top ten universities or private schools to learn Chinese

  • – Shanghai International Studies University
  • – Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • – Communication University of China
  • – Beijing Language and Culture University
  • – Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  • – Beijing International Studies University
  • – Xi’an Foreign Language Studies
  • – Sichuan International Studies University
  • -Tianjin Foreign Studies University
  • – Dallan University of Foreign Languages

Brief description of Universities

Shanghai International Studies University

In 1996, SISU was granted to be a “Project 211” university by SEC, which, as a national educational priority for the 21st century, was the State’s endeavour to help China’s top 100 institutions of higher learning and key disciplines to excel. SISU tries to attract highly educated foreign students in China. They want to promote cross-discipline exchanges.

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies University is the oldest of the universities in China, and boasts one of the best schools to learn Chinese. The school is well known and has one of the highest numbers of students studying internationally. It is China’s first university to specialize in foreign language studies.

Communication University of China

It is not only famous for its close relationship with over 160 universities and media organizations both home and abroad, but also holds good forms of foreign students’ education.

Beijing Language and Culture University

Taking the main task as teaching Chinese and culture to foreign students, it provides training courses for teachers in teaching Chinese too.

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Being one of the most prestigious universities of international studies, it is convenient for academic and cultural exchanges with overseas institutions.

Beijing International Studies University

Found in 1964, it has developed into a nationwide comprehensive university. The modern languages departments and experienced teachers is a key part of the school’s success.

Xi’an Foreign Language Studies

It is the first four institutions of higher foreign language in China. With its multi-disciplinary and multi-level teaching, it has become an important language personnel training base in northwest.

Sichuan International Studies University

Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) is a university that is almost 70 years old.It is the only university in Southwest chine to offer educations in foreign languages.

Tianjin Foreign Studies University

For Chinese and overseas students, it offers a number of language and cultural programs. No matter what their educational backgrounds are, it is always an ideal place to study.

Dallan University of Foreign Languages

Aiming at training professional interpreters and translators, it has changed into a multi-disciplinary university. The training centers play an important part in its teaching.