Admission & Application Details for China Universities


Education has always been given special emphasis as the Chinese consider education to be a major factor for the future and development of the individual, family, and country as a whole. It is due to the determination and willpower of the local people that China has turned into one of the strongest economies of the world.

It is this exceptional range of study options that is drawing a large number of international students to pursue higher education in China. Seeking admission requires all students to undergo a strict and comprehensive procedure.

Deadlines for Admission & Applications

The academic year in China usually has two semesters, spring semester and autumn semester, except for a few higher educational institutions who implement a three-semester system. It is best to figure out every university’s specific application deadline for each semester, but these are the general recommendations:

  • – For spring semester: submit the application until 15th of July
  • – For autumn Semester: submit the application until 30th of April

*International students who want to study at Chinese universities must meet the requirements set out by both the Chinese government and the university

Admissions Requirements

  • – Applicant must be a real student, must hold a student or visitor visa.
  • – No criminal record. Applicants from some countries are requested to provide a non-criminal certificate
    notarized and certified by the Chinese Embassy
  • – Applicants should have the appropriate qualifications and be able to meet all the requirements (in
    accordance with the school requirements), be in a reliable financial state and have a guarantor in China.
  • – Transfer students need to provide the agreement certificate between the two schools.
  • – Letter of guarantee (parent or legal guardian of student signs a declaration by which he/she assumes responsibility for the student to abide rules and regulations of China and of the
  • – Some official sectors restrict the number of applicants from certain countries.
  • – Proof that you can support your studies in China
  • – Certificate/diploma from last graduated school

Other documentation that may be needed

  • – Two academic recommendation letters from scholars of associate professorship or higher, with details of phone number and email address.
  • – Resume or personal statement to discuss the personal details of the applicant, such as personal qualities, interests, educational background, future academic or career plans, and so on.
  • – Bank’s solvency certificate to take care of financial funds in China

Passport Requirements for Admission

  • – Copy of page with personal information in the passport
  • – Certificate of application fee
  • – 3 copies of recent passport size photograph
  • – A photocopy of valid passport

*More documents may be required, depending on each school’s request.

Process of Completion

It takes about 4 to 8 weeks for the university’s admission office to process all the applications. Once the universities are done with the screening, the admission office will start notifying the accepted candidates via email.

You may or may not be asked to sit for further examination or interview. If so, be prepared and give the examination and interview with confidence. You will be notified after you pass these formalities and the decision is approved by the International Student Committee of the university.

Verifying your Visa

While applying for a student visa, take completed forms, along your original passport, one recent passport size photo, and visa fees, to the Embassy or Consulate of the People’s Republic of China.

It will take about 4-5 working days to issue X-visa to you, after which you will have to make necessary arrangements for your departure to China. Apply for a residence permit within thirty days after your arrival in China.