Teaching English in China


Being a world traveller for some is a dream come true. It is a great gift to be able to experience this dream, especially in China. For exchange teachers or students living in China is actually not only travel dreams come true, but it’s also very economical as well. In the last ten years, it can be argued that China has added some Eastern flair losing some of its stiffer traditional styles. If you are planning on being an English teacher in Asia now is the time. Never has it been so cost-effectiveteaching to live in China and teach English.


Teaching Salary and Benefits in China

Teachers who move to China have an average salary of about thirteen thousand annually, or in other words, roughly fifteen hundred Yuan or so a month; depending on qualifications and experience. After about half a year, if the educator shows promise they will receive a mid-year review and perhaps a promotion as well.

Requirements for teaching in China 

-A Bachelor’s degree
-A minimum of two years or more of graduate experience
-A TEFL certification –Some schools will still accept a 100-hour certificate, but 1st-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai require at least 120 hours of TEFL training.
– Police rapport showing your criminal background.
– A doctors rapport showing that you are healthy and do not have any contagious disease. It is also required to get one in China once arriving

Benefits of teaching in China rather than in the East

  • Free flights
  • Airport pickup
  • Free housing at most schools
  • Work Visa (working visa to legally teach English in China)
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Many schools provide a housing allowance and/or flight stipend
  • Contract completion bonuses

Documentation process

– A valid passport with at least 12 months on it from the date of expiration
– A formal letter of invite from your school, otherwise known as a Foreign Expert Invitation.
– A health check in your home country
– They have to apply for your ID, and they have no control over how quickly your paperwork is processed.
– Foreign Expert ID (You will get this from your school once accepted.)
– Visit the nearest Chinese Consulate in your area to apply for a Z work visa

A Z work visa can take at least six weeks to come but it is by far the best Visa to obtain if you are planning on reaching English in China. A travel visa is not suitable if you plan on living in China and working there as well. Your work visa is one of the most important aspects of your documentation when gathering your appropriate paperwork for teaching English in China.


Working in China is a rich and cultural experience; one filled with new relationships and exciting new ventures. The Chinese are well known for making transfer teachers and students at home in a new far away land. There is no better time economically or socially to attempt to be an English teacher in China. Be sure to research all the sign on bonuses if you are planning on teaching in the west. If you will be a student teaching in China check with the university or school you will be working for just in case they too offer perks or bonuses.